2017 Golden Lotus Lodge Winter Holiday Party

The Serpent Of Heaven

Golden Lotus Lodge
2017 Winter Holiday Party

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The illusions of time and space fall down
Revisit the Abbey of much renown
Let the brightest star within you shine true!
Come and party with us in Cefalu!

Golden Lotus Lodge is excited to announce our upcoming annual holiday party! December 16, 2017 7pm – 11pm.

Come join us in celebration as we remember the 1920’s and in particular, the important work done in Cefalu to establish a living community of Thelemites! We will be creating one aspect of the Abbey known as The Chamber of Nightmares where you are able to reflect on recreations of some of the images from the walls of the Abbey. You will also be able to use the space to face any personal obstacles you faced and overcame this year.

We also will be sitting together in the temple to enjoy a marvelous feast prepared for the event. With music, a bit of ritual, trivia challenges, and other exciting features..we welcome you to come celebrate with us during the holiday season!

Golden Lotus Lodge Members: $35
Non Members: $40

Love is the law, love under will.