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Aleister Crowley’s Rites of Eleusis: An introduction

“We are the Poets! We are the children of the wood and stream, of mist and mountain, of sun and wind! We are the Greeks! and to us the rites of Eleusis should open the doors of heaven, and we shall enter in and see God face to face. Under the stars will I go […]

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The Pilgrimage

Traveling to sacred sites in search of theological confirmation, can bring on a great anticipation for expected authenticity. To the spiritual traveler, picture taking is never quite enough. The place must be more than just visited, it must be experienced. An explorer who feels the urge to know a sacred truth more deeply becomes more […]

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An Ancient Egyptian Approach for Modern Psychology

Psychology today offers a wide spectrum of modalities for guiding the subconscious and the instruction of the conscious. There are many school of psychology which base their theories on the sole functioning of the mind. There are also holistic or trans-personal practitioners that say the mind does not act separately, but is always in interaction […]

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A Study of the Knights Templar: Through the Heart Of A Present Day Priestess

We were on the road to Le Puy-en-Velay in the Massif Central of France, where the ancient volcanic remains have left a valley with jagged rock outcroppings and giant basalt pillars, topped with ancient jewels of history. My partner and I had decided to explore the historical sites of the Knights Templar in the beautiful […]

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Crowley’s “The Ship” A Grand Premiere – A Mystery Play Revealed

Part I Aleister Crowley has written a great many wonderful works: poetry, erotica, magical and Thelemic essays, novels, treatises on yoga and meditation, translations of foreign writers, volumes of instructional works, even a rhapsody; he also has written a couple of plays. One play in particular, The Ship, was written sometime between 1909 and 1913, […]

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Who And What Are Those Egyptian References In Liber Resh?

The Stele of Revealing, which Crowley created Liber Resh, was a translation from the Ancient Egyptian to the French by the assistant creator of the Boulaq Museum in Cairo, under the supervision of the Egyptologist Bugsch Bet in 1904. In 1912, Crowley had the translation done again by Sir Alan Gardiner and Battiscombe Gunn. There […]

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An Introduction to Egyptian Magic

When humanity finally grasped the idea that influences effecting ones life could work both ways, that through exercising ones will, one could influence the world right back, the art and practice of magic began. By our modern eye and sensitivity, the methods employed by the ancient Egyptians may seem odd or even extreme, but even […]

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