Discourses 2017

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Golden Lotus Lodge is pleased to announce our 4th annual series of presentations by local and surrounding members of the OTO. Formerly referred to as “Classathon”, we are rechristening the event as “Discourses From The Golden Lotus”.

10am-11am Frater PFDV
11am-12pm Discourse exercise
12pm – 1pm Lunch
1pm-2pm Vere Chappell
2:15pm – 3:15pm Marie Lecrivain
3:15-4pm Discourse exercise
4pm-5pm Leanne Berry
5:00 PM Closing remarks for the day
10am-11am Frater Silencio
11am-12pm Discourse exercise
12pm – 1pm Lunch
1pm-2pm Brother Sacha
2:15pm – 3:15pm Michelle N. Ary
3:15-4pm Discourse exercise
4pm-5pm Catherine Berry
5:00 PM Closing Remarks

This year, the Discourses will be presented July 29-30 10am – 5pm.

Golden Lotus Lodge Members: $40.00
Members Pay Here

Non-Golden Lotus Lodge members: $45.00
Non-Members Pay Here

The theme for the Discourses this year is Occult Philosophy. This term, made popular by it’s use in Henry Cornelius Agrippa’s important work, tends to have a general and nostalgic connotation to it. We hope to bring fresh understanding and a practical re-framing to the term with this year’s series of talks.

Our presenters this year include:

Presenter Subject
Michelle N. Ary Magickal Symbolism in Art

Magickal symbolism through the ages of time is present in visual and aural presentations, cave paintings & early sculptures, alchemy, tarot, cyphers, folktales..it is the flower of life. From the beginning of time through to the present we express the Great Art. Sister Michelle will discuss and explore these expressions as well as how music can also use numerical holy beats to communicate the magickal art and ecstacy.

Catherine Berry Existentialism and the Pyramid of Thelemic Philosophy

Description: Thelema has been called many things — a religion, a magical framework, a way of life — but at its core it is a philosophy. As such, it has critical connections to other philosophies. Understanding these connections can inform and enrich your work as a Thelemite. We will discuss two philosophical layers underlying Thelema, poetic naturalism and existentialism. Then we will explore how Thelema builds on these, and what we can build on Thelema in turn.

Leanne Mason Berry Act Passionately, Think Rationally, Be Thyself

Ever notice that most, Thelemic mental health therapists use Jungian psychology with their clients? Certainly, most would agree that it definitely has its place in magick, especially when trying to understand our “higher selves” or our Neshamahs. But what about the “rational” Ruach and the “animal” self, or the Nephesh? Psychology and magick go hand in hand. In this talk, we will explore Jungian, Cognitive, and Behavioral therapy treatments, and how each can help magicians understand their core selves better.

Vere Chappell  Free Will vs Determinism in Magick and Thelema

The debate over free will and determinism has been going on at least since Aristotle.  Are we truly free to create our own futures according to our wills?  Or have all of our choices been pre-determined by external forces since long before our births? This presentation will discuss how magick and Thelemic precepts such as True Will inform this debate, and may help us to forge our own understanding to reconcile these seemingly-opposed ideas.

Soror Themistoclea I CAN DO THAT! Creating Poetry and Art for Ritual

Soror Themistoclea will be covering a brief history of Crowley incorporating art and poetry into his magical practice/ritual, along with suggestions/exercises on how to overcome the creative mental blocks, and how to foster artistic processes.Soror Themistoclea is an ordained EGC priestess, writer, small press publisher, photographer, jewelry designer, and member of OTO since 2007. She’s the author of several books of poetry and fiction, editor of two online publications, and has been publishing emerging authors for the last twenty years through Sybaritic Press.

Robert Maiolo  Approaches And Understanding Of Occult Philosophy

As a 30+ year student of Scientific Illuminism, Robert Maiolo will present his unique take on what is meant by ‘occult philosophy’ as a development of self-realization and expression of individual Will.

Brother Sascha Words of Power: The Sacred Art of Language in Magick and the Mundane

The power of words is evident nearly everywhere one looks. From Supreme Court rulings defining free speech, to written laws, propaganda, art, and interpersonal communication, the words one chooses can have a massive impact on the world around us. Likewise, in magick we recognize the power of words in the form of divine names and magical formulae that are vibrated during ritual.

This class explores the power of words and both their occult and mundane impact on the magician. As it has been said, “by names and images are all powers awakened and reawakened.”

Fr. Silencio Yoga & Thelema:
Comparison/ContrastFrater Silencio will be presenting an important reexamination of the yogic strictures of mindful living in harmony with one’s self (niyama) and also with the outside world (yama) as presented in the Sutras of Patanjali and show how they compare (or contrast) with the philosophy of Thelema as presented in Liber AL vel Legis.

Love is the law, love under will.