Discourses 2018

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Golden Lotus Lodge is pleased to announce our annual series of presentations by local and surrounding members of the OTO.

This year, the Discourses will be presented June 9-10. More details to come later this week, including a list of presenters.

The theme for the Discourses this year is community and how it works to perfect us in our spiritual quest. We plan to present a series of talks relaying the experiences of our speakers and how being within a like minded community has fostered their spiritual growth.

Event Fee: $30
Pay and RSVP!




1pm Frater PFDV
2pm Vere Chappell
3pm Rafael Aguilar
4pm Lucy Tate
5pm Marie Lecrevain
9am Sondra Scott
10am Cathy Berry
11:30am-12:30pm Discourse Exercises / Discussion
  Break for Lunch
4pm Celebration of the Gnostic Mass

This year, the Discourses will be presented June 9-10

Event Fee: $30
Pay and RSVP!

Our presenters this year include:

Presenter Subject
Rafael Aguilar

“Communion of Saints”

People have historically regarded holiness as requiring aloofness from the world. To be holy was to eschew the pleasures of the world in favor of the divine. We live in a time where people find themselves more spiritually alienated than ever. The great religions of the world no longer speak to the spiritual needs of humanity and, despite the proliferation of technology and data, our society revels in the profane and vulgar while lacking a vital spiritual source to draw inspiration from. Through the administration of the Gnostic Mass and initiations, O.T.O. champions another approach to the divine. “Communion of saints” literally means fellowship of the holy ones, and we will explore how O.T.O. enjoins us to holiness not by rebuking or repentance but by engaging the world.

Catherine Berry Currents of Energy: On ‘Duty’ and Fraternity

In his essay “Duty”, Aleister Crowley enumerates the duties Thelemites have to themselves, to their fellow humans as individuals, to all mankind, and to the entire manifest world. Quite an achievement, especially given that the essay is only a few pages long! Crowley does not directly address the special considerations of fraternity in this essay; nevertheless, the ideas in “Duty” are extremely pertinent to the questions of fraternal ethics which arise in Ordo Templi Orientis and similar groups. We will examine “Duty” from a fraternal perspective, and see what lessons we can derive from its principles.

Vere Chappell The O.T.O. is a Teaching Order

We still sometimes hear people claim that “the O.T.O. is not a teaching order” but this is simply not true.  The mission of the Order, both historically and currently, explicitly includes teaching among its activities.  In this presentation we will discuss the myriad ways in which O.T.O. offers instruction to its members and the public, from its formal curriculum and classes offered by local bodies, to the opportunities it provides for informal learning and self-improvement.  We will also talk about the differences in the instructional methods of the O.T.O. and A∴A∴ and explore some of the sources of misunderstanding about the O.T.O.’s didactic purpose.

Soror Themistoclea TBA

Soror Themistoclea is an ordained EGC priestess, writer, small press publisher, photographer, jewelry designer, and member of OTO since 2007. She’s the author of several books of poetry and fiction, editor of two online publications, and has been publishing emerging authors for the last twenty years through Sybaritic Press.

Robert Maiolo  The Mirror of Community

As a 30+ year student of Scientific Illuminism, Robert Maiolo will present his unique take on what is meant by ‘occult philosophy’ as a development of self-realization and expression of individual Will.

Sondra Scott “True ritual is as much action as word; it is Will.” ~ Liber Librae v. 13

Combining her years of experience with magic, mysticism, ritual, yoga and Vedic studies Sondra will speak on how to apply yogic philosophy and techniques to create ritual experiences. Much like classic hermetic ritual starts with an intention, our work will start with a sankalpa or “resolve of heart and mind” and then combine mantra, pranayama, and the tantric practice of nyasa or the placement of energies within the body of light for a specific purpose. We will conclude with a ritual guided meditative experience.


Lucy Tate The Tower: Purification Through Fire, or, How to Remain Calm and Balanced When Your Life Resembles the Chaos of The Tower Card.

In this discussion, Soror Lucy will discuss how Thelemites might work through the everyday mundane and not-so-mundane aspects of change/transformation life. Crowley’s plethora of Libers & Writings exemplify this idea. What can we do to move past old attitudes and beliefs that limit our freedom, and can cause strife within and without us?



Love is the law, love under will.