Rite of Saturn Discussion / Readthrough 2018

Rites of Eleusis

Rite of Saturn (Practicum)

January 13, 2018e.v.

Come enjoy a day of enlightenment in discussion of the revelation through the intricacies of Saturn with myths, tarot cards, ancient Greek rites, and the workings of Aleister Crowley.

We will be discussing the Rite of Saturn.

Please bring with you a copy of the script provided for you below (also includes suggestions / recipes for the potluck..please let us know what you’re bringing!).

The cost for participants is to bring some food or drink for enjoyment when we are done reading through the rite. There will be stage props to use along with clothing of the right color to go with the part being read. Question and answer discussion as we partake of the feast.

Golden Lotus Lodge will be starting this at 3pm

Read through at 4pm

Feast at 5pm

Conclusion at 6pm

Saturn Files